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Ali Bowen

My name is Ali. Through my own difficult wellness journey, I experienced frustration, loneliness, disappointment, & hopelessness. This pain ultimately led to my mission & passion. I’ve synthesized & refined multiple modalities to help hundreds of clients transform into the true essence of who they are, restoring their hope again by using sound therapy to remove unhealthy patterns and implementing health & wellness tools to help them reach their physical, emotional, & spiritual goals.

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I am a Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach (MCHC), Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach. I also hold a MBA with a concentration in finance and a MA in English. I’ve taught in Universities & managed businesses, but my true purpose & passion is helping clients be their highest & best selves by better understanding & guiding their body, mind, & spirit.

The first thing that is crucial to realize is that everything in this Universe, including ourselves, is energy. In 1994, The National Institute of Health measured our energetic field and affirmed we are electromagnetic, basically a vibration/ a frequency, & this energy that we are has a deep intelligence. In fact, our bodies & minds are supremely intelligent. Our cells remember everything…every scent we’ve smelled & every experience we’ve gone through, but we’ve not been taught how to work with the cells & our bodies & minds in ways that serve our highest purpose & desires. Yet our body, mind, & spirit know all we need & how to lead us. However, we’ve not been taught in our society the most important components of these or how they communicate with us. Rather, we’ve been socialized to neglect them, as well as our spirit, not realizing the deep relationship it has with the health of the mind & body. When clients work with me, I share with them the most important aspects of these components so they can begin to utilize tools that will advance their health and wellness.

But getting well is a co-creative process. Our will or agency is a divine gift that no one can take from us; and as a result, no one can guide us without our desire & permission. When a client works with me, we work together as a team, recognizing that we both have a part to play in optimizing the final results of the wellness journey. In sound therapy, I use tuning forks, sound bowls, medicine drums, rattles, chimes, intonations, & neural techniques to release trauma, remove interference in the energy body, align the chakras, & discover where the unconscious patterns are that are creating unhealthy and unhelpful behavior, thinking, and patterns. Most clients report an alleviation or eradication of corresponding physical, mental or emotional symptoms, such as pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more. This leaves them feeling lighter, more motivated, joyful and balanced. Sound therapy can be done on its own, but it also pairs nicely with the tools I use for health & wellness coaching for those who also want to nutritionally support their physical bodies & minds.

I have been dealing with a lumbar injury for over 20 years, so when I felt my lower back muscles begin to tighten up, I knew I had done something to aggravate the injury. Within an hour, however, the pain and spasms were so intense I was forced to leave work to ice and rest. This turned into a 14 day long trial of being unable to stand, sit, walk, etc. without assistance in parallel to fighting with my medical institutions to help me get the basic medical attention I needed to treat the injury, during Covid 19. I had to take Opioids and Muscle relaxers to help reduce the pain. While talking to Ali about my condition, she kindly offered a time slot which had become available, to remotely perform her sound therapy. This just so happened to fall on the same day I was going in to have an MRI done on my lumbar. I was walking with a cane at this point and still unable to put on my shoes without assistance. This was my first time getting energy therapy and it was a remote session as well, so, without any expectations, I simply followed her instructions while she worked through the various areas of my body and energy field.

After the session, I began to feel a change. It happened so quickly, it took me several hours to acknowledge that I no longer had pain in my lumbar. I don’t want to mislead anyone here, so I will be very clear…the pain was GONE. not reduced, but gone. It was such an abrupt flip, that I literally felt a level of confusion regarding how to proceed with my medical care. I literally felt like a fraud going in to have the MRI done a few hours later, because I felt SO WHOLE. The MRI came back with significant issues, however, I was totally unaffected. I was able to bend without pain, transact walking, get in and out of bed without issue and care for myself without assistance! I was even able to paint the inside of my daughter’s entire house, going up and down a ladder, just a few days after my session with Ali.

I can’t explain the mechanisms of how this healing occurred, but it happened and it is now 6 months later and I am pain free and back into normal activities and exercises. If you are dealing with a long term injury that does not seem to go away this is a path for you. Even if you can’t wrap your mind around this sort of “energy stuff”, just try it. But be open to you receiving actual, miraculous healing, because that has been my experience.

Eric B.