How Our Energy Body & Chakras Work & Their Connection to the Physical Body

We have quite a vast knowledge of our physical body through modern medicine and science. We also have knowledge, though not as much, about the body’s subtle energy systems, although our understanding of it is expanding. It is widely agreed that everything is energy, which has unique patterns of vibration called frequencies. In 1994, the National Institute of Health (NIH) measured our energy and confirmed we are electromagnetic energy…basically, a vibration/a frequency. Cells and tissues produce magnetic pulses and electric fields on the surface of the skin. These are what are detected with the use of technology such as magnetocardiography, magnetoencephalography electrocardiograms, and electroencephalograms.

Our energetic body is made up of different layers of energy known as the 5 subtle energy bodies. These different energy layers interact and interconnect to form an energy field around the physical body often referred to as the auric field. Consensus in the science and medical community in the past few decades has come to support the existence of these energies and refer to them as the “biofield.” The frequencies of the biofield cannot necessarily be seen by the physical eye; hence, why they are referred to as “subtle” energies or subtle energy body.

Even though we cannot see this energy, the energy of our biofield regulates our neurological, biochemical, and cellular processes of the physical body. Our body is meant to be in homeostasis, or at ease. When it’s not, we enter into dis-ease and you may end up feeling things like back pain, depression, fatigue, or other life challenges. These may be the result of a disruption in the energy body, creating stuck energy, and are ultimately expressed as ailment or disease in the physical

The great thing is that if it hasn’t expressed itself as an actual physical disease that has been found through x-rays or medical exams, there’s a greater chance of successfully working it out energetically before it gets to the point of a medical diagnosis. Looking at our bodies as energy, we can see them in a larger context and understand the energetic effects of disease and opportunities for wellness because illness often appears in our energy field before it is expressed in the physical

Our 5 Subtle Bodies of Energy

The physical body is the first layer of the energy body. Comprised of lower-vibrating denser energy known as matter, the physical body can be easily viewed by our physical perception. Conventional medicine often focuses only on the physical body. This misses the important role though that the subtle energy layers play in our physical well-being.

The second energy layer is the etheric body. It resides very close to the physical body (approximately 1-2” away) and is a grid-like matrix…considered the energetic blueprint of the physical body. Each organ, bone and cell have an energetic expression in the etheric body. The health of the physical body is determined by the frequency of the etheric body. Disharmony in this layer results in disease in the physical body.

The third energy layer of the energy body is the emotional layer where feelings and emotional patterns are located. What we feel consistently gets tied up in this layer as an emotional pattern and begins to express in our personality. It affects how we relate and interact with people and things in our environment. This layer is vulnerable to movements in energy depending on the emotions the individual is feeling or what the person is exposed to at the time.

The mental energy layer is the fourth layer of the energy body. Vibrating approximately 3-8 inches away from the physical body and closely related to our emotional layer. It’s here where personal truths, belief systems, and experiential perceptions reside. Reactions to our thought patterns influence this layer’s energy composition. So for instance, if someone has unprocessed trauma or experiences that needed to be worked out and that person has had to stuff it down or ignore it, it could appear in the energetic body and create issues in the brain.

The final layer of the energy body is the spiritual one. In this layer, the individual’s energy connects to the wider field of consciousness and universal life force energy. It holds the energy of our desires and intentions and tries to align them with our higher mission and purpose.

As layers are farther away from the physical body, the faster the energy vibrates. This means that physical body is the slowest vibration of the energy body; whereas, the spiritual energy body vibrates the fastest.

How Chakras Work in Our Energy Body

The anatomy of the physical body, as well as an energetic anatomy and concept of the subtle body, was prevalent in ancient Indian and Chinese cultures. The energy body anatomy includes energy centers and energy channels. Our energy centers, known as Chakras, connect each subtle energy body to the physical body. Even though there are seven chakras that are most frequently referred to, there are actually many more chakras in the energy anatomy. The seven chakras are located along the spinal column up into the head. The first is called the root chakra and it is located in the area of the perineum. The second chakra is the sacral chakra is located at approximately 2-3 inches below the navel. The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra located about 3 inches above the navel. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra located in the center of the chest. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, and is found in the neck. The six chakra is the brow chakra and is located in the center of the eyebrows. The seventh chakra is the crown and is located at the top of the head. These chakras function as energy distribution centers for the body. When the chakras are balanced, it allows new life force energy to flow through channels knowns as meridians (in Traditional Chinese Medicine) or
nadis. This new energy then flows into the chakras to be distributed throughout the auric field. When the chakras are blocked or unbalanced, life force energy cannot flow into the subtle bodies, nor can lower vibrational energy, like emotions felt in the physical body, be released.

This is why the physical body is affected by the energy body and visa versa. Sound therapy works to help restore health and wellbeing by focusing on the imbalances of energy in the energy body in order to rebalance it through entrainment so that a harmonious life force energy can flow to affect the physical and energetic body in a positive way.

The sound therapy I use is a combination of sound bowls, tuning forks, medicine drums, rattles, chimes, and intonations. But because we are not just a body, I also implement neural techniques for the mind to accompany this process in order to help my clients transform old cognitive patterns; furthermore, I assist them into delving into their soul and reclaiming their spiritual being to anchor it all together. The combination of these help to create optimal health and wellness.